Filipino Martial Arts in the United States

By: Marc Lawrence

This article was put together originally as a way to share with my sons a way they could be proud of their Filipino-American Heritage. I am sharing this article based upon facts, written and oral history that I have been collecting on this subject for many years. There will be some that wish to dispute facts with me. Being a historian by hobby I am always willing to verbally debate this. I am also a Historic re-actor for US history and belong to the Philippine Scouts Heritage Society Lt. Nilinger Chapter, so I take great pride in sharing History with all of you. So enjoy this article and be willing to dig deep in the History of Filipino Martial Arts. Filipino martial arts as we call it today do not just show up in the Americas in the last 50 years but it has been here with the Filipinos that came here since the Spanish occupied United States. Originally the Manongs (older brothers) came here first were not called Filipinos but were called Manila men or Luzon Indios. As the people were under the Spanish Crown the men were pressed into military service. The first Filipinos came to California on October 19, 1587. This also was the first time Filipinos used their fighting art to defend themselves. One of them died while defending the others using sword and shield. (ref.1)

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