The ranges of combat are broken down differently for every  other martial art style, system, or school. Some break it down to just to 3 sections, others do 7 ranges, and sometimes into 10 different components. But in at Protect Yourself Academy Martial Arts Hawaii we break it down into what we call the 5 Ranges of Combat.

  1. Stand-up – Kicking, Boxing
  2. Clinch – Muay Thai Clinch, Dirty Boxing, Greco Roman, Take Downs
  3. Grappling – Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ground and Pound, Submissions
  4. Melee Weapons – Sticks, Knives, Machetes, Hatchets, Swords, Beer Bottles
  5. Range Weapons – Fire Arms, Throwing Knives, pepper spray

There are several additional parts with in each range that we break down even further to help isolate and develop essential attributes in those section that will overall strengthen each fighting range. At Protect Yourself Academy Martial Arts we focus on giving proper weight to all 5 ranges of combat and we are careful not to treat any of the ranges as a poor step child.

Sifu Allan Jardin

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