Starting all over again, is going to be rough for us but we gonna make it…
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Alooooha!  Well it’s been quite a while since I made any kind of noise that was substantial and quite a bit has happened since that last post back in 2011.

A summarization in bullet points.

  • 2013
    October – Interviewed for new job in Portland, OR
    November – Accepted job offer.
    December – Gave away, donated or sold belongings. Packed remainder in suitcase and departed Hawai’i Dec 30th. Dec 31st arrived in the Pacific Northwest, perfect timing to start off the new year, in a new place with family (minus the wife – arriving later) and start life anew.
  • 2014
    January – Wife arrives, reunited
    2014 through 2015: Adjusting to new lives, new schools, new friends etc.
  • 2016
    Made contact with some some cool guys and getting back into teaching and training!

That’s everything in a nutshell.  More posts on their way!!

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